Thursday, June 24, 2010

So, you're not into the bar scene...

marker at u street near metroYou're not alone. So, a special place in DC exists for people who want to talk tech, without the loud music and background of restaurants and bars.

That place is 1410 Q Street, NW. By day, it's an elegant, unassuming brick rowhouse that incubates tech startups. By night, it hosts various IT and other technical group meetings. (Shhhhh!)

Which is why the comfy yet refined meeting space came to house a "Blogging Buddies" meetup tonight, meant to encourage people to exchange, and, if needed, to begin blogging. It happened--two--count 'em, two--people actually began their blogs tonight, on two separate subjects. I'd call that success, especially for a first meeting.

If you're looking for advice, war stories, technical advice, and practical encouragement on blogging, get thee to 1410 Q Street next month, the 4th Thursday (which would be July 22nd) between 7 and 9 pm. Bring yourself. Bring a friend. (No need to BYOB, though!) Most important, bring your point of view.

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