Thursday, July 01, 2010

For best results, keep it brisk!

sky over MarylandNo excuses today for not getting outside and doing something, like taking a brisk walk, which I did this morning. Nice! Perfect weather for the next day or so, giving me and the a/c a much-needed break.

Speaking of exercise, a study published in the June 28 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine (part of the long-term Harvard Nurses Study II) concerning exercise and weight control in young women. Namely, it compared bicycle riding to walking in regard to weight management. The finding is that the women who regularly either rode bicycles, walked briskly, or engaged in other physical activities for 30 minutes per day gained significantly less weight than women who walked slowly as a form of physical activity.

While the above is good news in nice weather, when the outdoors turns into the jungle without the helicopters whizzing overhead a la Apocalypse Now, it's time to find other exercise options. Like the gym, but certainly not the "affordable" options mentioned in the Washington Post the other day. (What, that article was supposed to be serious?) No way, I'm renewing my membership in the gym at the local community rec center, which only runs $35 for three months (slightly over $100 for the entire year), and allows unlimited access to its decent gym. If I were desperate to get to a gym, and the rec center's was full, I'd head to the nearby Capitol Sports Complex (the old Run 'N' Shoot), which you can visit for $10 a pop, and offers access to a spacious gym.

Good ways to keep it toned without taking up the dreaded activity of jogging/running for my life.

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