Friday, June 11, 2010

So unnecessary...

intersection near Applebees in Forestville Maryland
Intersection near the Applebee's in Forestville; Applebee's is on the left. (Photo taken earlier today.)

The scumbag who's on the run from the police for killing a state trooper in Forestville could have done us all a favor, and gone with the time-honored practice of criminals in previous times--simply run out on the check if he didn't feel like paying (which, in essence, he's doing anyway). No, Surpassingly Selfish had to go shoot and kill Trooper Wesley Brown, depriving Brown's loved ones, co-workers, and community (Brown started a mentoring program in 2007, and was engaged). Not to mention depriving all the rest of us in the area of sleep, as high-powered helicopters were hovering over the area during much of the night.

If Selfish had simply run away, that establishment would simply be out one meal. But no, now Applebee's is closed today, as well. (And perhaps until Selfish is caught.) If Selfish had merely run off, he'd have gotten two hots and a cot, but he'll be up for the death penalty when caught (and that seems only a matter of time, as that part of Forestville is crawling with cops). Pointless. Senseless.

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