Monday, June 14, 2010

Dispatch from Digital Capital Week...

Blogger with business and entertainment attorney Kendell KellyEntertainment and business attorney Kendell Kelly is on the right.

Digital Capital Week is a sprawling (and often free!) event this week that goes to prove that you can find just about every type of person in DC. Some of them attended the fun and informative "What is Protectable? A Practical Intellectual Property Basics Discussion," hosted by the estimable, energetic Kendell Kelly.

Potentially intimidating terms were put in perspective, making it easier for the rest of us to understand concepts such as trademark, design patent, copyright, derivative work, etc. (And free drinks were provided by the hostess, not a small thing in today's swamp-like conditions.)

I might even be tempted to attend another session or two this week, provided they're not already filled to capacity. Truly, there's something for everyone here, even for decidedly non-techical folk like me.

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