Sunday, June 20, 2010

The best Father's Day gift...

Louis' congratulations cakeToday, my cousin received what must be the best Father's Day gift ever: celebration of (one of) his son's success. The son, Louis Young (Good Counsel's most recent football hero), is headed off to Georgia Tech on a football scholarship. Woo hoo! More good news: two of Louis' sports-playing friends (in the field of basketball) are headed to Georgetown and Princeton. In this day and age, anytime parents have raised young people to be kind, academically oriented, and to excel in sports, as is the case with Louis, it's time to celebrate.

Future good news--little brother wants to follow in Louis' footsteps. (However, the younger brother looks like a linebacker, and is Louis' height, so we can't call him "little" anymore!)

Brains and brawn are what we as a community, and as a nation, need to hold in high esteem, to affirm at every turn.

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