Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One--with passion--made, and makes, a difference...

Senator Edward KennedyThe death of Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy, whose tenacity over the decades in pressing to improve the lives of many (civil rights legislation, the current healthcare reform, etc.), though he hailed from a wealthy background, makes you think about the impact one passionate person can make in improving the world.

Of course, we cannot forget his sister, recently deceased Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who helped millions lead lives of dignity, particularly those with mental disabilities. One can only wonder what kind of storied dinner table conversations went on in Joe Kennedy's house that propeled so many of his children (and now, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren) to take such prominent public service roles, whether in government or out.

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guitarist and electric guitar pioneer Les PaulUntil a couple of years ago, I was unaware of the achievements of the late music pioneer Les Paul, and his instrumental role (pun intended) in the development of the modern electric guitar and studio recording techniques. He played 'til he could play no more, as he had a recurring gig at the Iridium Jazz Club, until recently, sharing his talents with the world until the end. The best way to go.

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Still rocking, hopefully for many years to come!

Chuck Brown the godfather of go go Local music legend, the godfather of go go, Chuck Brown, recently celebrated his 73rd birthday, and even had a street named after him. How many other people can claim to have invented a genre of music? Not only that, but music listened to by Washingtonians of all stripes, an alternative to the overly synthesized bull that too often passes for music on the radio and in clubs.

Thankfully, he doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon, as he has concert dates scheduled for September. Anyway, if go go music doesn't get you dancing, get your pulse taken, 'cause you must be near dead! You've got to move when you hear jams like Chuck baby...

...or the classic, Bustin' Loose...

...and the classic that's all too appropriate nowadays, I Need Some Money...

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