Friday, August 21, 2009

A good group gathers...

mural off 18th street in northwest dcThere are many good things about living in the DC area. One of them is the variety of people of various backgrounds that you come across, who even get together from time to time.

One such group met yet again the other night, at Madam's O, and, as usual, a gabby good time was had by all. (Inexpensive drinks, like beers and vodka cranberries for $2.75, tend to help this along.) What's great about DC bloggers is that there's a mix of tech types along with us non-tech types, sharing tips, advice, and straight-up silliness to go with the seriousness. Of course, because you can find at least one of anything in this area, local bloggers also write, pontificate, and bloviate about a variety of topics--or even nothing special at all (as all three readers of this site already know). Here's the most recent mix: What you didn't know about HR (and sports!)... Unrestricted thought. Hmm... Good tips for online businesses, such as SEO strategies, etc. Thoughts about the random craziness of politics, art, and music in DC (and elsewhere). About old and not-so-old movies. A nice trip down memory lane. About free arts happenings in DC--what could be better? Science fiction--cool! Fearless! Great advice for those in the PR and marketing fields. Funny and serious musings from our feisty organizer.

A good mix--and I think I'll be going back for more, if only for continued proof that not everyone in DC with an opinion is a blowhard. (Then again...)

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