Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not for potheads only...

entrance to the Capitol Hemp store in northwest dc
Now that I've trekked to the Amsterdam Falafel House and noshed on its duo of delectable fried treats), it was only logical that I next check out the Capitol Hemp store, which I did yesterday.

The store is small but substantive in the variety of items stocked--books, jeans, shirts, dresses, socks, shoes, shampoo, hemp milk (yuck!), paper--and pricewise, are on the slightly high, but not ridiculous, side. Soon, I'm sure it won't be strange to print business cards on hemp stock or letters on hemp paper, if ordinary U.S. currency is now infested with traces of cocaine! However, I wanted SOCKS, because I've heard of hemp's vaunted durability and I go through socks faster than the cartoon Tasmanian devil creates whirlwinds, but none of the soft footies available were in my size. Bummer.

Reluctant to try the personal care stuff, because I've been underwhelmed by hemp-based products like Merry Hempsters lip balm (doesn't moisturize the kisser nearly as well as other non-petroleum ones, sorry), I decided to risk some dollars on a lip plumper from Phat. (I've been told that this company is not associated with Kimora Lee Simmons.) I guess my score is now 0-2 in the hemp-based lip products, because I've noticed no more plumpness in my lips than before. Oh, and the stuff is strongly scented, like some weird mix of mint and eucalyptus, too medicinal to wear in public. Which is kind of a shame because it's very shiny, more of a lip gloss. Whoops, I noticed that no ingredient list is on this product--although someone kindly (?) placed one on this forum.

Hemp--you can't smoke this stuff!

P.S. Had I seen the website for Phat beforehand, might not have bought the stuff--being that it gives you "sexist" lips and all!

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