Friday, August 14, 2009

Come on, ring my bell! (Brown, why you gotta get me down?)

Recently I've made a number of orders online. While this innovation is great, frankly I'm surprised that Internet ordering has become as popular as it is, given that UPS is usually the company delivering the goods.

Don't get me wrong--the electronic package tracking system is great, but what good is it if Brown doesn't do one simple thing (which FedEx, which delivered one of my packages, did)--ring your bell (or use your door knocker)--to let you know they delivered your package? I mean, they recently delivered a package when I was at home, with the car in front, and STILL didn't ring my doorbell to let me know that it had arrived; only because I decided to track to see if my package was delivered did I find that it had been delivered a couple of hours earlier. This has happened a number of times, to me as well as to others (a former co-worker had a package delivered, when she happened to be at home, with no notice of course--I had tracked her package and let her know that the person had delivered it to her garage).

Sheesh! I'm sure the FedEx and other deliverypeople occasionally have to haul packages as heavy as anything that Brown's carriers have to, yet still are able to gently take a finger to ring a doorbell, which is probably the easiest thing any of them have to do in the course of a day.

Really, UPS, it's just this easy...

(OK, so this song by Anita Ward is the most annoyingly catchy song ever from the disco era. Still.)

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