Thursday, March 31, 2005

Last Words? About Terri Schiavo

Apparently lost in the hubbub over the late Terri Schiavo and the need for a living will and the naming of a patient advocate, is the fact that courts consider using a feeding tube to be equivalent to using a respirator, that they are both considered life support measures. Thus, if you do not agree that they are the same and want to obtain a living will, you should specify which measures you consider to be life supporting, or too extreme, and also speak with your advocate about such measures.

A unique perspective on the feeding tube issue was recently featured on
David Schuster's blog ran much of the content of an editorial letter written by Steve Eidelman, the leader of the disability advocacy group, The Arc of the United States.

Here's hoping that inflamed, unfettered ignorance on these right-to-life and right-to-die issues is laid to rest, as Terri Schiavo rests in peace.

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