Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Coming of the Green...

In less than a week, it will officially be spring. (Yeah!) Naturally, there is a preview, a getting in gear for the season, and for many, that preview is St. Patrick's Day, just a few days hence.

Just as there are multiple ways to celebrate the breaking out of the green (and more than one kind of green), for those of you who want to celebrate in a family-oriented, environmentally friendly way, here are links that have vegan/vegetarian recipes and suggestions for St. Patrick's. One organization is so bold as to announce a
St. Patrick's Challenge, while wishing a Happy Vegan St. Patrick's Day. Not to be outdone is the magazine Vegetarian Times, which published greener versions of traditional Irish delights a few years ago. Lastly, cookbook author Bryanna Clark Grogan often publishes vegan versions of holiday treats, so be sure to give her web site a look.

Hope this helps you get an early leg up on your St. Patrick's Day...

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