Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spring Forward, to ... (Yawn?)

I barely remembered to perform my pre-daylight savings time ritual, to turn the clocks and watches forward before going to bed--it's just too traumatic, and disappointing to do it after you wake up in the morning; when I wait to turn them, I feel like I've truly wasted time.

Supposedly, there's an upside to this seasonal madness. David Prerau, writing recently in the New York Times, claims that it would be advantageous if daylight savings time began even earlier in the year, and, also ended later in the year. (See the March 31st editorial, "Spring Forward Faster" [free registration req'd].

I'm yet to be convinced, however, as people already don't get enough sleep. A book I read a few years (one which, ironically, contributed to a couple of sleepless nights itself), Stanley Coren's Sleep Thieves, was a frightening, ahem, wake-up call for our need for sufficient sleep, and the consequences of extended periods of sleep deprivation. In addition to information and profiles of people in other professions who often lack sufficient sleep, the author conducted an informal experiment, to determine how much sleep he actually needed to function well. It wasn't pretty.

In that spirit, I submit a few good links, with information on how to get good sleep, and another with information sleep disorders (and plenty of other sleep resources), links which I do not think are directly supported by manufacturers of sleeping pills. One is the article, "How to Sleep for a Better Tomorrow," a brief but useful compilation of good sleeping tips. Another is from sleep research pioneer William C. Dement, full of resources and information. A final sleep link, which contains 101 questions about sleep.

Now, hit the sheets!

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