Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Love Thy Neighbor (and everyone's your neighbor)

Having been injured recently means I've had to (and still must) rely on the kindness of family, friends, and strangers, more than in the past. You find out who are truly your friends, and who are mere talkers. Moreover, such help can be the difference between being able to get back up, physically and financially, and falling further. One of the Proverbs says that a close neighbor is better than a distant brother; fortunately, both siblings and friends are relatively close by.

A recent Washington Post column by John Kelly,
"Stepping Up for Those Who Fall Down," [free registration required] told of the interaction between a man who fell down, an indifferent security guard, and a caring stranger--just a reminder that you never know who may be a source of aid.

Another way to be of help to your neighbors is a small organization,
Village Harvest, that uses a great (ancient, in fact) idea, of gleaning to provide food for others. The basic idea is that people who have fruit trees that supply more fruit that their families can use donate the surplus. The concept is a win-win situation: excess fruit is not left to rot in the garden, and needy families receive fresh fruit. What a great way to be a neighbor! (Blurb about Village Harvest comes via Rebecca Blood's blog,

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