Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spicing it up at Cafe Citron

Dancers in the upper level, under the chandeliers.

OK, perhaps there were more people than usual (so I was told) at Cafe Citron tonight for its weekly Wednesday salsa lessons. It was held on the upper level this time (apparently, the lesson's usually in the basement), which didn't especially bother the unflappable instructor, Orlando, though he'd have preferred the usual location. Truthfully, I need to take the 'remedial' salsa lessons he offers there on Mondays at 6:30, because when dance steps are involved, I get easily flustered, as I'm more a freestyle dance person. I still have a hard time believing that Orlando didn't dance at all until 2003--who'd ever know by seeing him on the dance floor?

And no, my difficulties were not due to drink, but they do offer them. I particularly enjoyed the mango mojito, which was very fruity and hit all the right notes. The fire and ice, not so much--it reeked of pure alcohol, although it allegedly contains fresh ginger. Both drinks came from the bartenders in the basement, which apparently was the place to be, as it was pretty full, although the street level also had many people. Like many places in DC, Cafe Citron is larger than it initially appears, lending a mysterious, fun vibe, and a variety of moods, a different one for each level. The upper level is more sophisticated, while the street level great for a nosh in a colorful environment, and the basement is more intimate, made for talking, drinking, and dancing.

Even the bouncer at Cafe Citron is friendly, which is a good sign of a good time. An even better sign is the random conga you periodically see around the club--of course, in addition to all the other people there, which is the best sign of a good time.

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