Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday shopping, at Capital Teas

Although the Christmas sights, sounds, and smells at the National Harbor today were nice, like the outdoor holiday market...
outdoor holiday market at National Harbor
And the Christmas tree (oddly enough, however, overshadowing the statue The Awakening, already in an awkward place)... Christmas tree at National Harbor I was at National Harbor to stop by one of my favorite stores there, Capital Teas, to pick up a couple of things. One of those things being a non-tea related item, a grapefruit soy candle by Votivo (like to have a nice, safe, scented candle around for the holiday season), which I'm highly pleased with. And, of course, tea. But not the fabulous decaf blackcurrent tea, which I haven't yet completely drunk up, but a nice cardamom black tea, because I don't currently have any cardamom in the house, and I love cardamom in hot drinks, especially tea. (Actually, I enjoy cardamom in my food and drink, period.) Perhaps because the harbor is not really a place for discount sales, the area was full of holiday shoppers, yet it had a pleasant, civil ambience. Which is why I went there and avoided other shopping areas like the plague (even the grocery store--I wasn't taking any chances).

Perhaps because drinking tea promotes calm clarity the store selling it had a pleasant buzz, though it was almost full. Thus, when I got home with my small haul, I had a pleasing cup to look forward to this increasingly chilly day...
hot cup of cardamom tea from Capital Teas

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