Monday, November 22, 2010

Relaxing...high above the city (the Bishop's Garden)

Mount Saint Alban highest point in Washington DC At the highest point in Washington, Mount Saint Alban, on the grounds of the National Cathedral, is a hidden gem known as the Bishop's Garden. While only three acres, and a few feet from the intersection of Wisconsin and Cathedral Avenues, this verdant space seems miles away from the fuss of the city.
an entrance to the Bishop's Garden On the other side of the gate is a spacious area, perfect for reflecting, quiet rendezvous, etc.:

open garden area
An even more intimate public spot awaits the other side of the open area, the gazebo:


from inside the gazebo
The gazebo is an informal border between the open area and the smaller, yet interest packed, garden itself, which is patterned after a monastery garden in the English fashion.

Naturally, this means there are quite a few types, and colors, of roses in a relatively small area, even on a crisp November day:

drooping orange rose
another orange tinged rose

pink rose
as well as other traditional English flowers, such as the foxglove.
foxglove flowers

At the margins of the garden are interspersed various religious carvings:

carving over pond
And items such as a replica of a medieval baptismal font, surrounded by rosemary:

medieval baptismal font surrounded by rosemary
Speaking of herbs, they're here in abundance--sage, thyme, lavender, and of course, rosemary...
purple sage

thyme bushes

Last, but not least, the Herb Cottage...

All this herb gazing when done viewing the garden means it's time to visit The Herb Cottage as a last stop before heading out. The cottage, outside and in, is as quaint as you'd imagine.

entrance to The Herb CottageDon't let the cuteness fool you--this is a great place to pick up inexpensive garden and herb gifts.
fragrance and personal care items for sale in the herb cottage

jams and preserves for sale in the herb cottage

more preserves and teaware for saleSome products are even produced especially for the Herb Cottage, such as many of the jams and preserves seen above. I had to get a couple of items, under the rubric that I needed them, which was somewhat true--I was running low on coriander, so I purchased whole coriander seed, as well as hard mill soap, both under the Bishop Garden label. (Can I call it a brand?) And even had a couple of bucks over from a $10 bill after the purchase. Shockingly, I didn't buy any of the tea there, some of which is served at the Cathedral's tour and tea. (Then again, I haven't taken that tour. Yet.)

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