Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sense in the summer...

Finally returned to the community center to renew my (lapsed) three-month gym membership, and noticed the following on the side of the center, its small youth garden in full bloom:

beanstalk reaching for the sky Beanstalk reaching for the sky

grape tomatoes seriously leaning Grape tomatoes doing a Jackie Gleason impression

dwarf sunflowers Dwarf sunflowers

sage Sage

green peppers and marigolds Marigolds and green peppers

thyme bush Thyme (one of the three types there)

flowers amassed Name these flowers!

anise hyssop in bloom Anise hyssop in bloom

At least the community center (which is next door to an elementary school) had the good sense to keep a garden, unlike Bancroft Elementary in DC, which demolished its garden (which Michelle Obama helped the school revive). The little garden that could shows how much food can be grown in a small space; even most townhomes have this amount of space (if you count the front and back), and many of the herbs and tomatoes can be grown in containers. If I could only rip out the entire monster juniper the developer put in front!


Evelyn said...

How fun to run into you today! Your blog is adorable. We should meet for lunch and catch up.


Coming and Going said...

We should, soon!