Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back in shape, blah, blah, blah...

I've worked out in the gym a couple of times in the week since renewing membership there. I started with ten minutes on the stationary bike both times, then continued to the circuit machines, in reps of five, various times (depending on the machine); I always do the complete circuit, which takes 30 minutes max, and I'm not rushing (and try to gently stretch in between sets, and definitely when moving from one machine to another). I lift the weights somewhat more slowly than most gym rats, in order to truly resist gravity (after all, isn't it referred to as resistance training?), but not so slowly as to become like torture (though truly slow weight lifting may be the most effective routine). This modest regime works for me, as I have no real aches two days later, although I certainly felt my muscles while working the circuit.

* * *
Of course, the continuing drama about the overpaid, arrogant, and possibly mentally unstable "member" of the 'skins, Fat Albert Haynesworth, makes my blood boil. In a time of high unemployment and recession, this person could not be bothered to make the effort to work out once in a while, and repeately failed to turn up to training camp. Haynesworth now says he has a condition, rhabdomyolysis, that makes him unable to participate fully in training. According to the rhabdomyolysis entry in the online Sports Injury Bulletin, athletes most at risk for rhabdomyolysis are: "Out-of-shape athletes who begin training seriously in the summer are thus at particular risk; their lack of fitness places more stress on their muscles, and their lack of acclimatisation to the heat raises the risks of heat stress and dehydration." Effectively, if he worked out in the off-season and attended training camp, he might not be suffering from this. Folks are saying that he should be traded, but what team wants his lazy, uncooperative behind?

No, spoiled athletes are not whom I admire--my role model in physical fitness is this shining senior, Ernestine Shepherd:

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