Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not for kids only, part 3 (back to school and other August sales)

It's that time of the year, when we're inundated with back to school sales ads, commercials, ad nauseum. Might as well take advantage of the situation, even if you don't have children. How so? Well, if you have a home office, like to do crafts, or volunteer with a community organization, or frankly just need to purchase something, this is the time to head to the store (mortar and brick and online), as many stores are now getting in on the act, like Costco and Staples, as well as the usual suspects.

For instance, last summer, the swivel chair I had in the den finally gave up the ghost, so it was time to find its replacement. As it happens, with all the back to school hoopla, I was able to find a cheap, decent chair. Actually, a few--a couple from Staples, and one from Target.

Of course, because college students must go fully equipped to college, just about anything conceivable is on sale at this time of year. So, Costco currently is having a such a sale, particularly for cell phones. As you might have guessed, Amazon couldn't be far behind, and it's participating in such a sale, too. (I was looking in its grocery section, and noticed such a promotion in the coffee area, presumably for college kids needing their caffeine fix. I'm sure it's having a back to school promotion in other parts of its site this month.)

I always have to make the pilgrimage this time of year to Staples, because office products that might be too pricey come down to earth, more or less. For instance, you get 100% back in rewards (rebate/discount) if you buy a ream or two of copy paper. The regular Staples copy paper is about $4.99; however, I buy the 100% recycled, which is normally $6.99. With rewards of 100%, I'll be getting a coupon for that amount (6.99) or more (since I recycle my ink cartridges, which automatically gets you $2 in rewards per cartridge[but it used to be $3--oh, the economy]). And other items are directly on sale, so paper clips, etc., anything that you might need, come and get it!

Now you too can be this excited, even if you don't have youngsters...

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