Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Fourth!

photo of fireworks is by Kabir Bakie via wikimediaPhoto by Kabir Bakie (via wikimedia)

Time to have a happy, sweaty, 4th of July, wherever you celebrate. For me, it's a cookout this year. Can't be bothered with going to see fireworks on the mall, particularly since I can see the Andrews fireworks display from my deck.

OK, I did go to the Mall with friends once to see the fireworks, during the '80s, whichever year Roberta Flack was one of the singers. It was great to hear homegirl's (she got her start in DC) sweet voice floating in the air, as we were walking down the hill toward the grassy area. This after we were unsure that we were going to make it there in one piece, due to some kamikaze driving to Capitol Hill, so it was extra nice to hear her. Well, it's always good to hear Roberta Flack, on the 4th or any day.

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