Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Eve!

Miller Farms store entranceWhat a day to come to Miller Farms in Clinton, the day before Halloween. Before I headed out to the fields to glean with a small group, the fine country folk at the farm had its bakery open (at 6 am, no less), so the public can get those scrumptious apple cider donuts to go with coffee. (I admit that good as those apple cider ones are, I like the double chocolate and strawberry creme donuts even better. I can just feel the fat coming on.)

Like many successful family farms, Miller Farms sells a variety of farm products at its down-home grocery store, including produce that's not so much exotic as hard to find, such as green peanuts.
green peanuts at Miller Farm storeGreen peanuts are used to make that great Southern snack, boiled peanuts. (AKA Southern edamame, if you want to get all foodie.)

fresh lima beans in pods at Miller Farm store Wow, I've never seen fresh lima beans in the pods. Not sure what I was expecting them to look like, but I'll soon know what they taste like, once they make the journey into my pot!

Also seen (and purchased) was a type of cooking green you rarely see even at farmer's markets, perhaps in part because of its unfortunate name (although its seed, rapeseed, is the source of canola oil, canola being an acronym):

rape greens at Miller Farm storeIn addition to delicious fresh foods, there's an extensive selection of canned goods from another regional producer, McCutcheon's (of Frederick, Md.), which includes McCutcheon's products I've never seen before, and I thought I'd seen them all.

McCutcheons salad dressings

McCutcheons ciders (Guess what drinks are being served with Thanksgiving dinner this year?)

The store carries its own dried herbs and spices, which are plentiful and inexpensive:

Miller Farms brand dried herbs Of course, what would a farm store be without these at this time of year:

pumpkins Or, an old-fashioned store without this (and just before Halloween):
old fashioned candy at Miller Farm store

more old fashioned candy
A big advertised draw was for these beauties:
chrysanthemums from Miller Farms nursery
As well as for another of its homemade special treats:

Miller Farm ice cream sign * * *
On to more serious matters, such as gleaning delicious collard greens, such as these:

collard greens in the field
However, even the friendly folks at Miller can't stay entirely serious, because the following scary "folk" were placed around some of the fields:

scarecrows and machinery

scarecrows on platform

lone scarecrow

scarecrow couple Scary, ha ha!

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