Friday, September 04, 2009

DC Go Boom!

US Capitol buildingAfter browsing the international websites today, a habit I got into during the Bush years (to find out how others view Americans), I found this tidbit in the online Toronto Globe and Mail, "Canada to stage mock Afghan attack in Washington," (which garnered many comments, rightfully). That's right, a mock attack by the Taliban is to be staged in town this month, four times during a two-day period, in part to inform Americans of the part Canadians are playing in the Afghanistan war effort. Eh?

Who dreamed this up? This stunt's going to backfire, bigtime, for our Canadian friends. However, what I find even more worrisome is that the local major media outlets have not yet reported on this upcoming turn of events; so far, the only local "media" to mention this is DCist, which only found out about the mock "shock and awe" from the same article. Can you say "blackout before the blowup"?

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