Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday treasures...a summer edition

road at Clagett Farm As much as I grouse about summer heat, even I have to admit there's a good side to this time of year. The food!

While the heat gets you down, the good fresh food puts a smile on your face. It's the time of year that makes healthy eating almost effortless. Exhibit A is the haul from Clagett, today's share.

vegetable haul from Clagett Farm Pictured above are squash, green peppers, rainbow lights Swiss chard (which tastes, and is prepared like, spinach), eggplant, four ears of Luscious corn (a bi-color variety), Hungarian hot pepper, couple of garlic bulbs, and two pounds of various types of tomatoes, including the uber-sweet Sungold and the unctuous Paul Robeson, which tastes as rich as its namesake's baritone. Also pictured are flowers and herbs I picked, the latter consisting of sage, mint, and basil. Time to make a tomato salad (just throwing together sliced fresh tomato with slices of pickled tomato)--sooooooo good.

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