Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Follies (pre-Independence Day edition)

Oh, to relax on a holiday weekend--after the potato salad, barbecue, watermelon, corn, whatever--and before the fireworks, in a semi-blissful state...

Of course, it's easier to rest if you take steps to make it easier on yourself if having folks over. If you have some vegetarians over, break out those new Morningstar "Hickory BBQ Riblets," as they are chewy and delicious, with a nice smoked barbecue sauce (which is sweet, but not as sweet as many others, and the smokiness is a good contrast). However, for premade veggie burgers, Boca brand is the best, if you put them on a grill after microwaving to make sure they are slightly chewy on the outside. Also, oddly enough, the bulk packages of Boca burgers from Costco not only have more burgers than you can purchase at the grocery (10 in a Costco pack), the burgers themselves are noticeably larger. Because at a barbecue, more is better--isn't that the American way?

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