Friday, February 25, 2005

Just Tease Me, Won't You?

Now, what is this I see? The sun feebly attempting to emerge, while a flurries begin to fall. And talk of perhaps more snow next week (which I don't quite believe, if the highs are to be in the 40s).

Naturally, such weather makes me daydream about the little orange tree I nurtured a few years back, in my bedroom. A couple of weeks after it arrived, fragrant blossoms emerged, and stuck around for a couple more weeks. Shortly after, you could see tiny green fruits, which grew a bit larger and turned orange. I planned to use the rind, but somehow never got around to that. Perhaps I didn't water it enough, didn't provide drainage, don't know what caused that beauty to fade. Someday, I might try again with another type of citrus tree from the same company,
Gardener's Eden. The folks there offer a dwarf lime as well as a Meyer lemon tree, which you can buy individually, or as part of a series. Uh oh...

RANT: I get tired of folks (originally) from other parts complaining that Washington people are weather weenies, such as a lady from Minnesota I saw on the news last night. In case she (and others) hadn't noticed, Washington is not Minnesota, Vermont, Wyoming, etc. It seems that such people complaining about Washingtonian behavior in the winter come from places where the weather is far more predictable--from places where it's always cold, and when the forecasters say it's going to snow, they reliably predict the amount. Such locales are so cold throughout the entire winter that there is almost never the possibility of sleet, freezing rain, or ordinary rain, possibilities that always exist in these here Mid-Atlantic states, where the temperature can change on a dime, the winds can shift, ay, the storm itself can change course. So please, quit nagging Washingtonians, as we're dealing with a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the weather in these parts.

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