Sunday, February 27, 2005

Idle time...

With my thoughts ricocheting between winter and spring, I'm still thinking of an indoor gardening "failure" which I can somehow take advantage of. That those arugula pipe up so quickly after planting (virtually overnight, to which its popular nickname 'rocket' attests) can be useful; I popped one of these seedlings in my mouth, and recognized that sprightly young arugula flavor instantly. This makes me think, arugula sprouts would be a good 'crop' to grow in the winter, as these sprouts are tasty as well as nutritious, at a time when good-quality fresh vegetables are hard to find. Also, just to see something growing does something positive for one's wellbeing, somehow.

I bought the (organic!) arugula seeds from a Lowe's, I think. Oddly, though the sprouts have that great nutty arugula taste, the seeds themselves smell like celery seeds.

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