Friday, October 29, 2010

ACKC DC (the hot spot for grown-up choc)...

outside the entrance to ackc dc
After a disappointing meeting, I suggested to Barbie that we try the ACKC chocolate gallery on 14th Street (which has been beckoning me for a while), so off we went. I should have known that it would be great, if only from the outside, as well as this welcoming entrance was a prelude to the friendly service and delicious noshes and drink...

inside the entrance to ackc dc
Shockingly, I showed a bit of restraint, and didn't purchase any of the chocolates in the display case, this time. (That will be my next ACKC mission, however.) Also showed restraint in that I didn't drool when I swooned over these beauties:

nondairy blackberry sugarcreme chocolates

nondairy blood orange sugarcreme chocolates

fleur de sel caramels
Enough already! (And this was only a small portion of the goodies.) We each decided on the regular Belgian hot chocolate and a slice of the pear William cake. Although chocolate and pears is a traditional French dessert combination, I'd never tried it before, in part because I didn't think I'd be able to taste the pear flavor against the chocolate. In this case, I was wrong, as the moist cake with chocolate was intensely flavorful. And the hot chocolate, rich and not too sweet. Heck, even the (few) tables there are vividly painted to accompany the rich flavors:

pear william cakes and hot chocolate on table
To mix it up, will try a different hot chocolate next time, one of the Divas (named after screen greats), probably the Rita Hayworth. And perhaps a different cake, if the Aztec lava is there when I come.

As great as the food and drink was, it has an amazing ability to summon the sandman. Barbie mentioned this while we were there (which I didn't notice at the time), but later, when I was on the subway, the rollicking rhythms of the rails conspired with the chocolate goodness to knock me out for a bit. (And I didn't order any of the dessert wines, either--although the sweet South African Shiraz is looking mighty tempting...)

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