Thursday, May 06, 2010

Post-Cinco de Mayo, and stuff...

Funny how the (commercialized) Cinco de Mayo comes smack in the middle of grumbling about the the problematic law passed in Arizona, or more accurately, the problematic way that law is likely to be carried out. But doesn't the D.C. Council have enough to worry about in D.C.? You know, like the recent shootings in SE and all. Why the action against a state? (And honestly, people truly concerned about illegal immigration should be urging that real sanctions be levied and enforced against employers who hire/exploit illegal immigrants--say, $10,000 per employee. Maybe the City Council should have passed such a law, instead of the posturing. Right.)

Anyway, I enjoyed chili with avocado and fried tortilla chips before a home emergency (in the form of water dripping from one of the county-mandated sprinklers). At least I had a full stomach before having to call in a contractor.

Yes, homemade fried tortillas. Extra tasty and easy. And safer to the waistline than keeping a big bag of chips around. You simply get a package of corn tortillas (which are tastier than flour ones), the ones that come in packages that resemble this one:
package of soft corn tortillasTake out at least three tortillas (to have about six chips per person), then cut the stack of chips in half twice. In a large fry pan (preferably cast iron), over medium-high heat, let the canola oil heat for a minute, then swirl the pan around and add the chips. Turn each chip over after it has started to curl up, and heat for another minute or so. Put the chips on a paper towel when done, salt as desired, and you get this tasty treat:
fried corn tortilla chips With real griddle marks and all! They seem to taste better when fried in a cast iron pan than with other (nonstick) pans, even the Green Pan.

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