Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day the easy way (eat out!)...

As this is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day (and now all of April is considered Earth Month), in between activism and doing things to live more lightly on the planet, it's also time to take stock, and celebrate how far environmental awareness has come.

What better way to celebrate than to take it easy a day, and let someone else handle the cooking for once? Better yet, chow down on tasty fare that's planet friendly, which is easier than ever to do in the Washington area.

Some gustatory ideas come via Compassion over Killing, which lists a few local places, such as Toscana Grill and Bread and Brew, that plan to expand their vegan offerings during April. Of course, there's nothing wrong with going someplace that's tried and true, for good reason.

Thus, since I was in the area, and has a surprisingly veg-friendly menu (which is not often mentioned), I recently headed to the justly famous Four Sisters restaurant.

exterior of Four Sisters restaurant in Merrifield VirginiaNow, as it was crowded during lunch, there was no seating inside. This is not a bad thing, especially this time of year, when there are breezes, and no bugs, as was the case last Thursday. Woo hoo!

Under an umbrella, with reasonably attentive service, I ordered the "Caramelized Tofu with Lemongrass and a hint of Chili in Clay Pot," and had enough for leftovers the next day.
caramelized tofu with lemongrass and chili in clay hot potMore important, the tofu was hot in the clay pot, both in temperature and spiciness, and lots of rice was provided. I picked out the fresh cilantro sprig (because unchopped cilantro slapped atop food should be outlawed!), and ordered the (inexpensive) jasmine tea to go with, which was the weakest part of the meal. I've had much better jasmine tea many times, but for less than a buck, I can't really complain.

Piggie that I am, I ordered dessert, caramel flan. The flavor was good, but the caramel syrup was thinner than I expected. Still, I lapped it up. And took away leftovers in a large brown paper bag. Gladly. And plan to do so again, when I'm out this way again.

Earth Day (and Month) my way, the lazy way.

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