Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's about time...

Finally. The Democrats mustered up something resembling a spine, so House Democrats approved the Senate health care reform bill tonight, by a close vote. The President might sign the bill as early as Tuesday.

With all the huffing and puffing of its opponents, you might not know that some of the bill's key provisions don't even go into effect until 2014. However, favorable measures that go into effect in 2010 include:

Not being able to be kicked out of a health insurance policy if you become sick. (A heinous insurance practice known as recission.)
Parents can keep their children on their insurance policy until these children are 26. (Grad students must be pleased.)

As today's New York Times article points out, everyone could benefit from the legislation, as it tightens regulations on health insurance companies, which have, quite frankly, basically been allowed to run roughshod over the public, until now.

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL, who'da thunk?) again had it right when he said that voting for health care reform was about saving lives.

* * *

I bet some of those legislators are feeling both relieved, and a bit exhausted. (After all, a vote on a Sunday night?) Would not be a bit surprised if many of them felt as though they had been...

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