Friday, May 15, 2009

City, Country, City

sign marking Arlington ChapelLike every other week, there have been good and bad things going on. In Arlington at a cattle call, aka job fair, earlier this week, there were lots of applicants. Who all seemed to come at around the same time, like a tsunami. What was surprising was that even the vaunted healthcare sector had few exhibitors. On the way back to the subway, I spoke with one of the hopefuls, who unfortunately emigrated from the UK to the US, thinking that, regardless, there are always jobs in America. Not.

* * *

Well, a few folks in Arlington have shown foresight, at least regarding gasoline usage, as they set up the Envirocab company, which tools around town in those spiffy painted Camrys (and other) hybrids.

Envirocab in Arlington Virginia As the Envirocab company is relatively new, it would appear that one perk of using one of its cabs, in addition to their spewing little to no pollution, would be that they're not on the verge of falling apart! That alone is change worth bringing.

* * *

Back in D.C., I decided to treat myself to Sticky Fingers Bakery, which was playing music appropriate for my mood--the blues. I didn't partake of one of those scrumptious cinnamon buns, but a more recent temptation, cupcakes topped with creamy frosting. I searched for the orange creamsicle ones, but they were not to be seen. I greedily decided on two others, the strawberry cream cupcake (which I had drooled over previously), and a lemon-filled one.

strawberry creme cupcake at Sticky Fingers BakeryThe strawberry creme beauty above was just as tasty as I had imagined it would be--moist, with a fluffy sweet frosting on top, lots of it. However, the lemon-filled one was a disappointment; seems like there was lots of lemon juice used, but not much lemon zest (certainly not in the frosting). I wish I'd chosen the chocolate-chocolate cupcake as my second choice, as that's usually a moist, tasty treat. Oh well. The cakes were nice washed down with a large cup of the excellent Intelligentsia green tea that Sticky Fingers serves--I forgot how good that tea is. All in all, the friendly staff, good street view, tasty snacks and drinks, and good music make Sticky a good place to hang out.

* * *

Treated myself to hard work, friendly people and dog, great views, and kites (?) flying about at Clagett Farm. As it's not yet harvest time, it was time for the decidedly unglamorous task of weeding and digging up various fields. However, you know it's spring when you look up and get a glimpse like this...
barn at Clagett FarmWith a blissful view like this, who would think that you're within five minutes of noisiness (particularly this week, as the air show's this weekend) of all the graceful jets and other aircraft swooping in and out of Andrews?

jet flying overhead

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