Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New (but not improved!)

It's that time, when you're willing to try new things, anything in fact, to start the year off right. Of course, this can be as insignificant as trying a new product, a new food, whatever.

So, when I spied a new Morningstar product, their veggie Italian sausages, I had to try them.

package of Morningstar brand Italian sausage
Unfortunately, the picture on the box is the best that those "sausages" look--so brown and tempting. Taking them out of the package and nuking them led to big disappointment. They contain egg whites, yet when I was done microwaving them, they were crumbly and looked kinda gray--what?!? Not too appealing. Oh, and they don't have much flavor, either.

Much tastier are the veggie Italian "sausages" that I usually buy, such as the Boca brand, widely available in grocery stores. However, my favorite faux Italian sausage comes from the makers of the Tofurkey! Its "sausage" is flavored with sundried tomatoes, is moist, and slightly spicy. Oddly enough, the Tofurkey [Turtle Island brand] products that I've tried, particularly its "deli meats"(the hickory smoked and the peppered slices, in particular) and the sweet Italian "sausage" are extremely delicious, unlike its flagship product, the Tofurkey. What gives?

Perhaps the Tofurkey itself needs a retooling for the new year!

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