Thursday, June 26, 2008

Green Your Ride...

If you must drive in these gas-conscious times, please drive at or below the speed limit --it's one thing you can do--today--to easily and significantly reduce the amount of gas you consume. Driving the speed limit also makes it easier to do one of the other things that save mucho gas while driving, as it's easier to avoid jackrabbit starts and just-in-time braking if you're already driving at a reasonable speed.

* * *

In the meantime, let's hope that Metro gets the sorely needed increased funding for maintenance and better communications, sooner rather than later, as our public transportation options are needed now more than ever. Perhaps the phrase "dedicated funding source" should become a new Metro mantra. (One small victory--Metro has ditched its boneheaded plan of converting the seating on the trains to bench style! Woo hoo!)

Also on the local public transport front, Metro has recently rolled out the senior SmarTrip card (a bright yellow, as opposed to the blue SmarTrip cards), an easier way for seniors to get their discount when riding the bus, rail, or both. All SmarTrip passengers can add value to the card at any Metrorail station or on any Metrobus; however, the latter option, loading value to your card as you board the bus, seems challenging if there are other passengers behind you, also trying to board.

In one respect, Metro is getting savvier. For the first time, I heard a Metro radio spot last month highlighting the benefits of using a prepaid card like SmarTrip for commuting. What a way to go!

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