Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Sparkle

Still on a Christmas high, enjoying the seasonal cheer, even when shopping. Shopping at a Target on the weekend was a civilized experience (granted, it was before noon, when things tend to take a turn for the worse).

In addition to purchasing a gift card while there, I bought a couple of candles, the Method brand. Yes, the company that brought wallet-friendly, environmentally correct cleaning supplies does it again, offering fragrant, affordable candles. The store carried 'gingerbread spice' ones, just in time, so I was suckered into buying a pair. Mmm, mmm, good! That homey, holiday scent, on the cheap...

In the past, I've been wary of candles, because they're a leading cause of fires, which is why I insist on candles that are enclosed in jars or tin.

Earlier this year, my aunt related a story of how her daughter's house almost caught fire when one of her [admittedly large, open] candles flames shot out of control, a vivid warning to me on the potential dangers of this source of beauty.

Of course, Method's candles are soy (read: nonpetroleum), which are all the rage in the candle/gift world. Web sites wax effusive (pun intended) over the 'superior fragrance throw' of candlewax from the oil of the humble bean, glycine max.

It's good news when a popular category of products can be transitioned, almost en masse, from being polluting, petroleum-produced health hazards, to non-petroleum, non-polluting, less-wasteful pleasantries. This welcome development is one small step away from petroleum, which, has of late, been showing a mini-creep upwards in price at the pump. Considering the events in the Mideast as of late, you had to see that upward tick, and more gas price instability, coming...

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