Friday, July 08, 2005

Across the Pond...and Nervous

Here we go again. Another large-scale terrorist attack in a major city's subway system, in London. Appropriately, perhaps, going to work on Washington's metro yesterday morning was a study in silence. If the other passengers felt as I did, they were too stunned to speak. But we had no choice but to go on, as people the world over must.

Now that London police have discovered that the terrorists used small devices that were easy to slip into backpacks, it makes one think: as horrifying as the carnage is, it could have been significantly worse. I wonder if the terrorists were afraid that carrying larger (even more deadly) explosive devices would have looked conspicuous to London's ubiquitious surveillance cameras, as well as to other passengers.

Who knows the motives of these terrorists, these misguided people? Such folk, who at least have organizational and mechanical skills, in order to synchronize explosions in a major city, certainly have the potential to contribute constructively to society. What a waste.

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