Friday, June 10, 2005

A Summer Pleasure...

The farmer's market is one of summer's great pleasures. OK, that's a slight exaggeration, 'cause it's great to shop at one even during the fall. Yet, there's something special about going at this time of year, when it's hot, and there are lots of people milling about, but you don't mind the crowd, even though it's sweltering. I mean, how many times in the summer can you, say, not be near a swimming pool or the beach (or, even in the shade), and there still be lots of people peacefully hanging out?

Anyhow, I did leave the market with fruit in hand, some nice strawberries. Reid's Orchards has the best fruit, and I am anticipating luscious apricots from these folks in three weeks or so. (For some reason, the fruit from this farm is particularly tasty compared to other local farms--maybe it's the terroir.)

Also, the herb guy was there, and he even had what I wanted--lemon balm plants. He told me that they were almost impossible to overwater (yay!), but would need some fertilizer in a few weeks. If I don't forget that fact, maybe the plants stand a chance at survival.

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